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Establish a company in District 6

Just one type of company names in the area of ​​District 6, Ho Chi Minh City, a list of thousands of company and business names will appear. With the motto of developing into a sustainable, civilized and modern place, District 6 with its constantly growing economy is also due to the great contribution of companies to thrive in the area. Therefore, in order to meet the increasingly urgent need to establish a company, the company establishment service in District 6, HCMC was born as a lifesaving solution for inexperienced organizations and individuals. Find out about the process and procedures of setting up a company.

Where can I get a business license?

Whether customers self-register or use the service of setting up a full-service business in District 6, doing this business license is done at:

At the Department of Planning and Investment, if registering to establish a company with a business location outside the industrial zone.

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At the management board of industrial parks and export processing zones for companies registered in industrial parks and export processing zones.

At the department of the People’s Committee of the respective district if the business household registers as an individual.

When making a business license in District 6, you must definitely register and submit an application at the People’s Committee of District 6, Ho Chi Minh City.

The process of providing a package company establishment service in District 6:

Step 1:  Receive documents from customers’ needs and ask employees through direct channels at the office or online via the call center such as: skype, zalo, email…

Step 2:   Company staff complete the company establishment dossier at your request.

Step 3:  The staff will send the documents for you to directly enter the records.

Step 4:   Company establishment service staff in District 6 will submit documents on your behalf and receive the Original Business License and Company seal.

Step 5:  Staff will hand over the business license and company seal to the customer.

Step 6:  In addition, consulting on tax procedures for newly established businesses if customers need to do tax services, VAT invoices…

Utilities from the service of establishing a company in District 6 of Gia Thanh

When customers need to establish a new company but do not have experience, so they do not know where to start, the company establishment service of Gia Thanh accountant will bring a lot of benefits to you.

If you are just starting to open a company, and you are not familiar with the legal procedures, paperwork and procedures, then choosing a good service will assist you in these stages effectively. In the new stage of opening a company, you will surely encounter a lot of difficulties, financial pressures, paperwork along with legal procedures that make working efficiency become reduced, morale is extremely low. Stress and lack of comfort make the quality of life become worse.

That’s why the  company establishment service in district 6  will relieve all those stress for you, dispel the anxiety and confusion that you are facing. The company formation service will create a smooth start for companies when starting up, bringing the company into operation more easily and quickly.


In addition, the costs for business establishment services in District 6 of your company can be found here.


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