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Guidance on procedures for setting up a foreign-invested company

There are many ways to help foreign investors do business in Vietnam, including opening a company. However, opening a foreign-invested company will be much more complicated than setting up a company with 100% Vietnamese capital. Therefore, en.luathongduc.com will provide detailed instructions on the procedures for establishing a foreign-invested company to help you open a company more easily in the article below.

What is a foreign invested company?

Foreign-invested companies whose English name is Foreign Direct Investment (Symbol: FDI) is understood as enterprises with foreign direct investment capital, regardless of the ratio between foreign capital and Vietnamese capital. Male.

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Foreign-invested enterprises are divided into two types:

  • Enterprises with 100% foreign capital
  • Enterprises with foreign members or shareholders contributing capital to previously established Vietnamese companies.

What is the procedure for setting up a foreign-invested company, is it complicated?

The concept of establishing a foreign-invested company

Establishment of a foreign-invested company means the establishment of an enterprise established in the territory of another country by an investor of one country with all or part of its capital in order to conduct profitable business activities. profit.

“Many countries around the world do not distinguish between domestic investment capital and foreign investment capital and therefore, there is no concept of a foreign-invested enterprise; they call enterprises established on the basis of capital contribution by foreign investors according to their legal organization form, for example: limited liability company, joint stock company…

What documents do I need to prepare to establish a foreign-invested company?

According to Clause 15, Article 2 of Decree 31/2021/ND-CP guiding the investment law 2020: “The document on the investor’s legal status is a valid copy of the personal identification paper or the document certifying the legal status of the investor. establishment and operation of an economic organization, including: …b) A valid copy of one of the following papers: Certificate of enterprise registration, Certificate of establishment, Decision on establishment or other documents of equivalent legal value to the organization.” therefore documents to establish a foreign-invested company will include:

  1. A written request for implementation of the investment project, including a commitment to bear all costs and risks if the project is not approved;
  2. Documents on investor’s legal status (certified copy of individual investor’s passport and copy of investor’s business license, operation license or other equivalent document certifying legal status for investors);


Above are the things that en.luathongduc.com has shared with you about establishing a foreign-invested company. If you have any questions or concerns, please call our hotline right away.

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