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What should I prepare when setting up a company in Dan Phuong?

Establishing a company in Dan Phuong for business implementation will help you easily expand your business scale, easily promote your brand and products, increase trust from customers, thereby bringing more profits. Based on the latest legal regulations, en.luathongduc.com guides the procedure for setting up a company in Dan Phuong for your reference.

What are the current conditions for setting up a company in Dan Phuong?

The conditions for setting up a business are very simple, you just need to be over 18 years old and do not fall under the ban on registering to establish a company in Dan Phuong as prescribed in Article 17 of the Enterprise Law 2020 to be able to set up an enterprise. company. Today if you are in need of advice on setting up a package business, please contact en.luathongduc.com for help.

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What types of companies are present?

According to the enterprise law, there are 5 types of enterprises, including 4 types of companies, including 1-member limited liability companies, limited liability companies with two or more members, joint-stock companies and partnerships.

A type of sole proprietorship is an enterprise owned by an individual who is solely responsible for all his/her assets for all business activities. In addition, private enterprises are not allowed to issue any type of securities to raise capital, so according to en.luathongduc.com unless your business plan needs to establish a private enterprise, you should choose to establish a company. is the best and most reasonable option.

identify the idea of ​​establishing a company in Dan Phuong

First you need to determine the idea capital for establishing a business.

The simplest questions to ask when starting a company are:

What will your company do?

Manufacturing or service sector? Produce what?

What type of service do you provide?

How is business?

Identify target market, potential customers
Another important thing that customers need to do when preparing to set up a company in Dan Phuong is to identify the market and customers. This will help customers get a more specific view of the industry and the needs of the market. From there, they can make the right decisions in business.

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If the market has not been found, customers can go to work for businesses in the same industry to have the opportunity to experience more. Potential customers are very important, before starting a company. Customers should have a few customers before so they can quickly settle down after opening the company. Customers are the main source of finance for businesses. Therefore, customers should focus on building customer care policies to have the most potential customer files.


setting up a company in Dan Phuong can still complete the profile and set up a company in Dan Phuong, but the registration process takes a lot of time, to save time and accurately, according to en.luathongduc.com we We should choose a professional service provider to easily advise in the process of establishing and doing business in the future

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