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Why register a company in Vietnam

Why register a company in Vietnam? What are the benefits of starting a company? What should be kept in mind when registering a company in Vietnam? This is a common concern of many entrepreneurs when they intend to start a business. If you are also facing these problems, do not ignore the article below!

Why register a company in Vietnam?

Currently, with the state’s policy to encourage business development, opening a company becomes very easy. So, why should you register a company in Vietnam when doing business?

In fact, there are many reasons to open a company, because setting up a business to invest in business has many benefits for you.

In particular, you should open a company of your own for a few basic reasons:

– Opening a company will bring a big turning point in your own business process. Establishing a business to do business can help your brand and products be known by many people, trusted and used by many people, thereby bringing more profits.

– When opening a company, you have the right to decide, the right to manage, the right to own your business.

– Register to open a company, ie you operate under the regulations as well as the protection of the law, your business process becomes serious and perfect day by day.

Important issues to note when registering a company in Vietnam

Note before company registration in Vietnam

– Note about business lines of joint stock companies: Joint stock companies need to choose a business line and register a business code when registering a company in Vietnam. Businesses need to choose the right industry, serving the business purpose. If an enterprise registers for a business line with no conditions, it does not need to ensure the conditions and can go into business when it is licensed. In case an enterprise registers for a conditional business line, it is necessary to ensure that all necessary conditions are met and to apply for a license to meet all the conditions before it can go into business.

Contact the unit Setting up a company in Vietnam

– Note when choosing a representative of a joint stock company: The legal representative of an institutional joint stock company will be the person responsible for the important work of the joint stock company, therefore, it is necessary to choose a representative of the joint stock company. people with enough experience and ability. A joint-stock company may choose one or more legal representatives (for shares and limited liability). Enterprises can let the president, general director, director … act as a representative or hire an employee to assume the position of a representative for a joint-stock company. The legal representative can be replaced after registering the company in Vietnam.

Note after company registration in Vietnam:

– Complete the purchase of a digital signature to pay taxes online: To pay taxes online and file tax returns, businesses must purchase an electronic digital signature. Enterprises also need to request the bank to activate the online tax payment function for the joint stock company’s bank account. The accountant of the business will use this digital signature to pay taxes for the joint stock company.

Clearly define the rights and obligations of each capital contributor

For business households, the head of household is the sole representative. Any act of contributing capital to a household business is only considered a property loan contract with the householder. This not only limits the rights of capital contributors but also prevents business households from attracting much contributed capital. When registering a company in Vietnam, especially in the form of a limited liability company with two or more members and a joint stock company, the capital contributors are directly registered and recognized by the state agency. Based on the amount of capital contributed and the charter of each company, capital contributors will have corresponding rights and obligations, including material interests and the right to decide on important matters of the company. This helps to increase the ability to raise capital and easily expand the business scale.


In addition, with the company registration services in Vietnam, customers can also get the best solutions for necessary problems after successful business registration such as: tax registration, registration business reporting, providing information, etc.

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